Mar 30 2017

Thinking about #livingtiny and #tinyhomes ? Be sure to go to check out Tiny House Expedition page and their documentary about the process of building, locations, legality and more on living the tiny lifestyle. Check out their beautiful travels and all the people they meet. They also host a radio show be sure to follow them! Here is part 2 of their living tiny documentary. Watch the first if you haven't yet :)

"Living Tiny Legally: Part 2" is NOW available online! BIG thanks to all who made this film possible and to the International Code Council for granting us permission to film the #TinyHouse Appendix public hearing!

An Educational Resource for Housing Advocates and Policy Makers

Part 2 examines how building code clashes with tiny housing and a path forward. This your guide to how your community can make legal full-time tiny house living, a reality.
It features:
- Insightful look at how one educational program in San Antonio opened the door for permitted tiny house builds
- Behind-the-scenes story of how Walsenburg, CO, became a tiny house friendly town
- Creation of the new tiny house appendix to the IRC (International Residential Code) 2018, and its implications for the future of the movement

#LivingTinyLegally #Documentary

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